A Little Rat

A little rat wants to travel, travel to the end of the world.
His mother didn’t say anything to stop him, she just packed up the lauggage for little rat. And gave him a big cheese.

Little rat picked up his lauggage and the big cheese.
Left his sweet home.
His mother standed in front of the door, waved her little arm until she couldn’t see her sweet heart in her eyes.

Little rat met many people, a farmer, a duck, a rat (who was going home after his trip), and also a cat.
He gave a piece of cheese for everyone who he met.
But he hasn’t ate any cheese for himself, even he felt hungry.

At last, he went to the sea.
He saw the sunset. He looked at the Sun and suddenly missed the cheese soup which was made by his mother.
He left a cheese at the beach, let the sea brought it away.

He turned back, and walked to his lovely home.